[extropy-chat] Fwd: Keith [Henson] Taken into Custody

B.K. DeLong bkdelong at pobox.com
Sat Feb 3 16:05:18 UTC 2007

Yeah, Boing Boing would be the best place to get the word out. Someone
needs to update his Wikipedia entry:


On 2/3/07, Amara Graps <amara at amara.com> wrote:
> I just wrote Boing Boing, giving them Arel's letter, with a link
> to his Wikipedia entry, in case they don't know who he is. I suggest
> that you Robert, also give Boing Boing he Prescott jail information.
> The more press, and the more information the better chances he has.
> I'm very worried about Keith's safety.
> Second thing to do: On another list, Perry suggested to make a blog,
> like a "Keith Blog" for people to post information. Maybe those of you
> bloggers can consider (quickly) being a clearinghouse for Keith
> information, and setting up a blog for him. I don't have experience
> with such a thing, and I'm pressed for time, getting ready for a
> trip. Any takers?
> Amara
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