[extropy-chat] Fwd: Jay Dugger's blog related to K.H. situation

Jay Dugger jay.dugger at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 19:18:49 UTC 2007

13:09 Saturday, 3 February 2007


I don't see any ads on the site, even if I sign out of the Google
Account. (Screen shot on request.)

> Jay, I went there and it seemed to be co-opted by advertisers.  Does one
> have a open-access forum for Keith's situation which does not involve
> possible diversions of interest.

That sounds like a better idea, I agree. I don't have the skill to
quickly establish such. This blog can end when a better alternative
exists. Speed seems to matter here.

> Note I would suggest some hosting a specific site and refusing to accept
> commercial sponsorship.

Agreed on both counts. I still don't see any ads on blogspot though.

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