[extropy-chat] Fwd: Keith [Henson] Taken into Custody

Dave Krieger davekrieger at pobox.com
Sun Feb 4 07:45:58 UTC 2007

The oldest old-timers might recognize my name. Keith's arrest was just
brought to my attention and I just caught up on the thread on the web
archive. I wanted to raise a couple of points about Scientology that I
haven't seen mentioned yet:

First, please remember that Scientology is big on infiltration, and if
they identify the mailing list (and ExI) as the nexus of assistance
for Keith, they are likely to assign some of their operatives to
gather intelligence and inject noise... potentially, an incapacitating
level of noise. I'm glad to see that my attempt to post as a
non-member was rejected, but it may be also be prudent to change the
subscription policy to require approval for a while. The public web
archive should remain available, as it's a useful way to rally the
non-subscriber troops (like me), but any information that could be
useful to Scientology should definitely be kept to out-of-band email.

Members should disregard any posts from anyone they don't know by
reputation (including me ;-) and in particular avoid assigning any
responsibility to any "volunteers" who aren't well-known within the

Second, I saw some references to Keith's Wikipedia article as a
proposed resource to provide to news media. Scientology may target the
article for vandalism (in fact I'm surprised they haven't already, but
then they never have had much 'net savvy); it may be best to
preemptively request that the article be locked.

Simpletoneity, n. The phenomenon of many people doing the same stupid
thing all at once.

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