[extropy-chat] Keith [Henson] Taken into Custody- Advice from Lolits

TwiceIrish TwiceIrish at usflagdepot.com
Sun Feb 4 14:20:40 UTC 2007

(This is advice from LOLITS, a representative of LOLITS is watching the 
current situation of Keith too. )

Bob wrote:

People who care about someone in Keith's situation must contact the jail 
authorities and present their concerns.the more letters the better. Let them 
know that political, activist and jail/prison reformers are watching closely 
to see how the inmate is treated, i.e. does he receive prescribed 
medication, protection from other inmates, etc. Have someone from a friendly 
media source phone or inquire as to possibly interviewing Keith. Whether 
they intend to or not, jail officials are now very concerned about media 
oversight about their operation(s).
Constant vigilance is what is going to be needed. Mention group names, like 
the LOLITS, and others you find on the internet in your communication with 
the jail administration. If he has received threats - with or without 
evidence - make the officials aware of that and of your concern. Let them 
know immediately should anything happen that Keith has friends who will 
follow up on any harm that comes to him with a media and political blitz 
about how they failed to keep him safe.

Bob - Everything Military


Shirley Dalzell
U.S. Flag Depot, Inc.

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