[extropy-chat] Tech Awards Announcement: 5 awards of $50,000

Jose Cordeiro jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 02:11:45 UTC 2007

Dear futurist friends,
       The Millennium Project, American Council for the United Nations University, was an inspiration for The Tech Museum Awards. If you know of any worthwhile innovations in any of the 5 considered areas (education, equality, environment, economic development, and health), please nominate them or tell them to self sominate for each one of the five $50,000 awards:
       Futuristically yours,
       José Luis Cordeiro (www.cordeiro.org)
       Director, Venezuela, The Millennium Project (www.StateOfTheFuture.org)

  Anyone can nominate anyone for any technological innovation that benefits humanity for $50,000 award - Five will be given this year at the Tech Awards:


Global Call for Nominations of Innovators Using Technology to Benefit Humanity
The Tech Museum Awards is a unique and prestigious program
that honors and awards innovators from around the world who
use technology to benefit humanity in the categories of:
Education, Equality, Environment, Economic Development,
and Health.
Reward those making a difference and nominate today. A simple
nomination form can be found at www.techawards.org . Self-nominations
are accepted and encouraged. Individuals, nonprofit organizations, and
companies are all eligible. Program details, including judging criteria, can
be found at The Tech Museum Awards website listed above.
Each year, 25 Laureates are honored at a gala dinner, invited to participate
in press and media coverage, and introduced to a network of influential
advisors. An inspirational and unforgettable event, the black-tie celebration
will be held at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California, on
November 7, 2007. One Laureate in each category will be granted a
$50,000 cash prize.
Gillian Caldwell of WITNESS, 2003 Laureate in the Equality award
category and cash prize recipient, called The Tech Museum Awards "...a
truly remarkable program that has given WITNESS acclaim for using
technology to document human rights abuses. I was deeply honored
to be recognized, along with 24 other innovators from around the
world who are working to improve human life through technology.
The exposure generated from receiving this award and the $50,000
cash prize will surely lead to expanded services, awareness, and
improved solutions for ending violations of human rights."
We encourage you to forward this announcement to any contacts you have
that may be interested in nominating a candidate for this award. Thank
you for your support.
Nominations Deadline: March 26, 2007
The Tech Museum Awards
Partners & Sponsors
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