[extropy-chat] Elvis Sightings

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Tue Feb 6 06:28:12 UTC 2007

"Ben Goertzel" <ben at goertzel.org>

>The editors at Nature and Science may be intelligent, but have not paid
>much attention to this issue due to their egos

Nature and Science are not the only fish in the sea, there are dozens of
other fine journals, but apparently those editors are also too envious and
full of themselves to publish a superb scientific paper. Every single one of
them, and for 17 years! I'm sorry but that's just ridiculous. Noah's Ark,
astrology, picture of Jesus found in a pizza level ridiculous.

> Beaudette has paid a lot more attention to the issue, obviously.

Yea, I bet he spends more time on flying saucers and spoon bending too.

   John K Clark

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