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> Any development that can fool the body into "feeling" motion.

That one is going to be difficult. Electrostimulation of the
vestibular, possibly, but that require precise electrode placement.

Of course it will be difficult. But we are projecting for 2010-2030 :-)

> Replacing the worn out old TV screen with goggles or a helmet that allows
> full 360 movement on a rounded screen.

It's remarkable that there are now MEMS accelerometers about anywhere,
and geomagnetics sensors, and even bloody photo camers which segment
out faces in realtime, but no single HMD worth spit. There are no fully
immersive lightweight HMDs for optical reasons, but I guess a triple-screen
worth of 30" in front of you could be reasonably useful.

It's amazing isn't it?  Just like there's been cell phones and cheap memory
for some time but you still can't get a phone with a 1 or 1 GB mp3 player.

> Adding smell to the entire package.

Not that I'm anosmic, but fail to see the utility. Bandwidth's way too

Because it's weird and neat. No more utility than a game should have. After
all, you are playing for the fun of it. I'm not sure how it would be done -
likely through some kind of replaceable scent paper but then again, that's
me back in 2007 guessing about 2030. Much of what I say now will sound silly

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