[extropy-chat] Multi Homing?

Brent Allsop brent.allsop at comcast.net
Sun Feb 11 13:11:20 UTC 2007


Do any of you guys "Multi Home" your home network internet connection?

I currently have Comcast cable as my primary connection, but would like to
include a Quest DSL modem redundant connection to increase reliability and
bandwidth. (Comcast has been down for a week or so twice last year.)

I would also like to upgrade to gigabit in my home so I can transfer live
video and stuff.

One possibility I see is getting a “dual wan” capable router that does “load
balancing”.  There seems to be lots of these out there, but the only one
that supports gigabit on the LAN side seems to be NetGear's FVS124G:


But from the reviews this sounds like it might be a very unreliable box?

Some other friends of mine are saying I should just configure my Linux box
to have several NIC cards and have it handle the WAN connections and NAT

Are these the only two possibilities?  Which of these would be the best for
someone that is not a professional network administrator?  And which would
run reliably without having the router crash all the time…?

Any ideas, tips, or personal success stories would be greatly appreciated?


Brent Allsop

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