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the melting of the icecaps and the resulting excess of water which threatens the environment by damaging or even eliminating our coastal areas and cities could be solved in a 
more creative way which would give benefits to all the regions involved.
Creating new seas and oceans in desert areas by deflecting the extra water in canals to the prepared locations.
A new ocean in the sahara desert for example would not only change the area climate, for the better, but will improve the economy creating millon of new jobs and opportunities in a totally abandoned area. New cities with waterfronts , new reclaimed land for agriculture, new resorts will spring from such activity changing the face of an actually useless location.
We should face the coming challenges by trasnforming the problems into  opportunities

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Couldn't we dim the sky just over the icecaps so that it would not impact
algae growth.

I am assuming that the plant life in arctic and antarctic environments is
very low anyway.

The melting of the icecaps is one of the major threats of global warming

Perhaps by dispersing the darkener at a layer of the atmosphere where
dispersion to other areas of the 
globe would be slow due to less air currents at a specific altitude.

>> Huh? I'll pass on dimming the sky on purpose. That will slow plant/algae
growth which naturally scrubs
>> CO2 from the atmosphere. Less plant growth means we will have to darken
the skies more to compensate for less CO2 
>> turnover, until we are left starving in the dark without solar energy.
That's not the outcome I desire.

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