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Ben Goertzel ben at goertzel.org
Wed Feb 14 17:56:52 UTC 2007

Interesting stuff!

To paste from the Conclusions page:

Heat effects are observed with D, but not with H, under similar (or  
more severe) conditions.

Heat bursts exhibit an integrated energy at least 10 x greater than the 
than the  sum of all possible chemical reactions within a closed cell.

Conditions are required to have a reproducible excess of power:
1) Loading threshold D/Pd > 0.9 (necessary condition).
2) Suitable material to have a  reproducible loading above the threshold.
3) Trigger
4) Suitable status of the material to have coupling with trigger.

The accordance between revealed 4He and produced energy seems to be a clear
signature of a nuclear process occurring in condensed matter.

Evidences of isotopic shift and X Ray emission have been observed in the

Experiments reproducibility was significantly improved as a result of
material science study.

-- Ben

scerir wrote:
>> Yes, they made controls using
>> light water. No production
>> of 4He and excess heat in this case
>> (using that specific setup).
> If anyone is still interested in CF,
> there is a presentation/review 
> (so not a formal paper) about what
> is going on at ENEA
> http://www.iscmns.org/asti06/Violante.pdf
> It is possible to realize that
> they understand the importance of
> controls, calibrations, etc.
> (Dr.Violante was one of the 5 speakers
> at 'DOE 2004', about CF)  
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