[extropy-chat] Moore's Law rocks on

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Thu Feb 15 05:06:03 UTC 2007


IBM announced a major breakthrough in microchip design that will more 
than triple the amount of memory contained on a single high-end chip. ...

The technology is expected to be a key feature of IBM's 45nm 
microprocessor roadmap and will become available beginning in 2008.

IBM's new eDRAM technology, designed in stress-enabled 65nm SOI using 
deep trench, dramatically improves on-processor memory performance in 
about one-third the space with one-fifth the standby power of 
conventional SRAM (static random access memory).


Eugen will now explain why this is completely bogus and irrelevant. :)

Damnien Broderick

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