[extropy-chat] SUMMIT: Reviewing the Future - Montreal April 2007

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Thu Feb 15 20:30:58 UTC 2007

Summit Meeting of the Planetary Collegium, Montreal, Canada, 19-22 April,

"Network consciousness, telematic interactivity and the media and metaphors
of technology and science, have informed the vision of the Collegium since
its inception as CAiiA at the University of Wales College, Newport back in
1994. Throughout the subsequent decade, developments in computing,
communications, biophysics and cognitive science, hypermedia, telepresence
and robotics created challenges in all fields: architecture, performance,
dance, narrative, music, as well as the visual arts and design. New
discourse was emerging and theory was not to be left behind. In this
context, CAiiA-STAR flourished. As the pressure to expand increased, the
Planetary Collegium was established, with its CAiiA-Hub in the University
of Plymouth, and Nodes in Zurich, Milan and Beijing, with others pending."


Call for Proposals:  http://summit.planetary-collegium.net/proposals.html

Natasha Vita-More

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