[extropy-chat] transmutation of uranium in solution

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 18 23:57:40 UTC 2007

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> At 07:06 PM 2/16/2007 -0800, spike wrote:
> >Now we need to control all neutron sources.
> Only the big ones.  If you want 24 kg of Pu 239, it takes a tenth of kg of
> neutrons to make it...

Ja, I wasn't concerned about Simone Bar Sinister creating an entire critical
mass herself, but rather anyone with a modified light reactor making a few
grams.  There is a prevailing notion of getting African nations to start
light water reactors, thus draining the world's uranium without creating
plutonium.  It looks pretty reasonable that such a reactor could be modified
to make some plutonium, which leaks to the black market, which is collected
by the bad guys.  Even a few grams could be used to create panic, if the bad
guys knew what they were doing.

Keith if understand your notion correctly, the uranium ion in solution is
sent near a neutron source.  The difference between the usual methods and
this is that the uranium ion would be free to recoil, which would take some
of the energy of the neutron.  My initial thought was that there would be
insufficient energy left to have two beta decays, perhaps you would get only
one beta and end up with neptunium.  Unfortunately for this planet, if you
look up the nucleon energies of uranium and plutonium and the betas, there
is enough energy left after neutron absorption and kinetic energy carries
off about 0.4% percent.  This is bad enough, but an energy balance also
shows that neptunium formation doesn't occur (assuming I am doing the energy
balance correctly, which isn't a guarantee).

> >That and I have been sick for over three weeks now, bronchitis, oy.  The
> >medics gave me some drugs today so I should be better soon.
> I used to get bronchitis every year, secondary to virus infections.  It is
> well known that zinc cuts the duration of colds even if you start taking
> it
> after you get the cold...> Keith

Thanks I'll give that a shot, never had a cold or anything last more than
about a week.  This one has had me feeling crummy for 24 days now.  


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