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Mon Feb 19 08:38:15 UTC 2007

When I'm singing a lot, I take a lot of zinc too (can't afford colds), and
if I get one, lots of vitamin C and zinc. Not an uncommon thing amongst


On 18/02/07, Keith Henson <hkhenson at rogers.com> wrote:
> At 07:06 PM 2/16/2007 -0800, spike wrote:
> >snip
> >
> >Now we need to control all neutron sources.
> Only the big ones.  If you want 24 kg of Pu 239, it takes a tenth of kg of
> neutrons to make it.
> >That and I have been sick for over three weeks now, bronchitis, oy.  The
> >medics gave me some drugs today so I should be better soon.
> I used to get bronchitis every year, secondary to virus infections.  It is
> well known that zinc cuts the duration of colds even if you start taking
> it
> after you get the cold.  So I started taking 50 mg of zinc a day
> preemptively many years ago.  Have since rarely had even the first sign of
> a cold and other than one time when I could not get zinc, no bronchitis.
> Keith
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