[extropy-chat] Why do you think ESP is Bull?

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Fri Feb 16 04:28:29 UTC 2007

"I assume all data is made up unless I have reason to
think otherwise."
John K Clark

I am very curious to know why you think ESP is bull?

As of date, I'm not a very big fan regarding the
definitions out there.

I do have the following questions if you have a

Do you believe that there are some things that can't
be explained?
Why is it that you are convinced that it is not
I admire someone that can give an absolute answer.  It
interprets for me, a sense of leadership but I am
curious to know why you are so sure?  
What would make you think otherwise?

I understand that nothing regarding ESP has been
published in the Science references you gave, but
couldn't that just mean that it's not understood well
enough to give acurate results?

I am simply curious because I have been pondering
the topic for a while.


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