[extropy-chat] A movie recommendation

Thomas Thomas at thomasoliver.net
Tue Feb 27 17:52:39 UTC 2007

John K Clark wrote:

>A DVD of the movie "The Prestige" has just come out, I strongly recommend
>you do yourself a favor and buy it immediately. Never in my life have I seen
>a movie that had my philosophy regarding the copy verses the original
>dynamic, until now. But forget my silly philosophy, simply judged as
>an act of entertainment the movie is first rate. Absolutely first rate!
> John K Clark
Yes, I saw that movie.  I guess I haven't been around long enough to be 
familiar with your "silly philosophy."  The movie makes me wonder about 
the issue of continuity of identity.  What a brain teaser.

Aside from that and in spite of the movie's merits (great script and 
acting) -- what happened to the sound mix?  That horrible score drowned 
out the dialogue in many places.  I wish the Nolans could commission a 
better score and get the sound remixed. -- Thomas

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