[extropy-chat] Critical and Positive Thinking

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Wed Feb 28 15:38:56 UTC 2007

Thank you to Extropy Institute for giving me an access to their site. 
As a student of Zen Buddhism, I found the philosophy or discipline of 
extropy similar to the practice of Zen which is a quest for truth.

For instance, which comes first, critical or positive thinking? Its not 
that same question about the chicken or the egg issue.

In Zen, first there's the mind{ in entropy}, then in the process of 
critical thinking, this entropic mind is gone and what remains is a 
positive process or an extropy of behavior/an organized growth with no 
end in sight. A Hindu might ask where did this entropic mind come from 
in the first place except from a god called Shiva? The historical 
Buddha did not reply. That silence can be a symbol of emptiness or the 
state of potentiality.

Its like a natural cycle of the forces of nature in equilibrium where 
there is really no beginning nor end.

The question remains in our universe of thoughts, why is there 
something rather than nothing?

>From Terry's  Column{Sungag/Zen Pursuer.org}
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