[extropy-chat] global warming eats island

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Mon Jan 1 04:18:56 UTC 2007

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> At 10:26 PM 12/29/2006 +0000, Robert wrote:
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> That's actually the wrong question.  Given that we want to keep the earth
> close to the current temperature or even cool it a bit...

Cool it a bit?  Why?  I woulda said warm it a bit.

> Although we don't now worry about too *little* CO2... Keith Henson

I sometimes worry about too little CO2.  If I were a plant I would be
worried about too little CO2.  Having too little oxygen would be no problem

My attitude might be shaped by being a co-owner of 14000 trees, upon which
my retirement income depends.  May they bloom and grow.  In that sense I
have a negative carbon footprint.  Or it could be said that I devour more
than my fair share of the limited carbon resources in the atmosphere.


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