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Dear friends,
       There are some really wonderful ideas here, from some of the most brilliant thinkers and doers:-)

"Sergio M.L. Tarrero" <sergio.ml.tarrero at mac.com> wrote:

  The 2007 Edge.org question is out.  "What are you optimistic about?"  Time to have some fun reading some of the responses!    http://edge.org/q2007/q07_index.html

  If you don´t have much time...  I´ve taken the time to look carefully at most entries and, in case this helps you, these are my recommendations, in order of appearance, page after page. I´ve placed asterisks next to my very favorite ones, and some initials to give guidance about themes on some of them.

  H+ = Transhumanism
  NBIC = NanoBioInfoCogno convergence
  T = Transparency
  E = Energy
  C = Climate
  M = Morality/Ethics/Religion
  ED = Education
  P = Physics

  1:  Dan Dennett* (M), Alun Anderson (E), Mark Hauser (M), Steven Pinker* (M)
  2:  Michael Shermer* (M), Gerald Holton* (NBIC), Andrew Brown* (M)
  3:  Haim Harari*, Carlo Rovelli, Juan Enríquez
  4:  Peter Schwartz (H+), Jerry Adler
  5:  Rebecca Goldstein* (M, ED), Leo Chalupa (H+), Sam Harris* (M), Ray Kurzweil* (E, H+), Douglas Rushkoff
  6:  Lisa Randall, Freeman Dyson, Andrian Kreye, David Gelenter, James Geary (E), Kai Krause (very long, but OK)
  7:  George Church (H+), Chris Dibona (T), Max Tegmark* (H+)
  8:  Judith Rich Harris (E), Robert Shapiro (long, but interesting), Tor Norretranders (C), Adam Bly, Marco Iacoboni* (M)
  9: Craig Venter, Rodney Brooks*, Anton Zeilinger, Diane Halpern* (M), Gloria Origgi
  10: Paul Saffo, Dan Sperber, Gary Marcus (ED), Paul Davies
  11: David Dalrymple* (ED), Gregory Benford* (C), Stephen Schneider (C), Karl Sabbagh, Chris Anderson, Nicholas Humphrey*
  12: Richard Dawkins*, Jaron Lanier, Jason McCabe Calacanis, Andy Clark (H+)
  13: Brian Eno*, Marcelo Gleiser (M), Alex Pentland, David Bodanis
  14: Frank Wilczek (P), Leon Lederman* (ED), Jill Neimark (H+), Larry Sanger, Barry Smith
  15: Martin Rees*, Vittorio Bo, Paul Steinhardt (P), Robert Sapolsky (M)
  16: Oliver Morton (E), John McCarthy, Marvin Misky* (H+)

  Incidentally, as I´ve told some of you already, I came upon the idea Gregory Benford (page 11) and his colleagues are working on for manipulating global temperature independently about a year ago, after hearing what happened on the days following 9/11, when the temperature in the US raised due to the lack of planes in the sky.  My idea had to do with using remotely controlled swarms of flying (or floating) micro or nano robots, more than just particles, to reflect sunlight when and where needed.  I guess that´d be more expensive than Benford´s plan (though maybe not!) but much more versatile, controllable, and permanent of a solution.


  Sergio M.L. Tarrero

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                      Edge Question for 2007     

  Edge.org has posted its annual Question: 

What Are You Optimistic About? 

You can read Sam's answer (along with those of other Edge contibutors) here: 


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