[extropy-chat] Top Canadian science-fiction writers and futurists on transhumanism

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Sun Media reporter Vivian Song speaks with top science-fiction
astrologists and futurists to explore what the next 50 years may hold for
our newest Capricorns. Yes, Capricorns, and astrology - the article is very
interested, but futurism is mixed with astrology. I suppose this is how they
manage to sell newspapers these days. However, I think some horoscopes are a
price worth paying for informing the public on what the future will bring.

Some interesting excerpts:

Given the rate of change during the past 40 years, ventures into space and
computer-dependent immortality shouldn't come as a shock, said Robert
a futurist and frequent commentator for Discovery Channel Canada.

In their lifetime, children of the year 2007 will be forced to confront
dilemmas their ancestors were able to evade. How do you reconcile
immortality with the natural world, for instance? How will the human species
respond to climate change that their predecessors set in motion? According
to Sawyer, a prolific award-winning writer—he's one of seven writers in
history to win all three of science-fiction's top honours for best novel of
the year—by the time the child is 50, they will have the option of
downloading their brain into an artificial android body and of living

2028 - According to futurist consultant Richard Worzel, people can choose to
have a personal computer embedded in their body, most likely under the arm,
activated by body heat or drawing power from their blood supply. A
microphone will be embedded in their tooth powered by bone conduction.
Contact lenses will act as a computer monitor and users will be able to
overlay reality with computer images.

2057 - Though their biological bodies may have worn out, the rich will be
able to buy more time in an android body, Sawyer said. "Transhumanism. For a
person born Jan. 1, 2007, they will have a choice at that point."

Indeterminate life expectancies will also mean more people will draw more
heavily and longer on the country's health plan. How long will people be
allowed to work? "You're opening up social questions that have never had to
be asked before . . . to which there's been no need. The answers become
urgent to which there are no precedents and people will fight for what they
think they're entitled to." At the same time, Sawyer offered a sunny view of
immortality, saying the potential to achieve unrivalled human brilliance and
creativity is no longer hindered by the pesky passage of time.

Oh, I had forgotten. The ruling colours of Capricorn babies born in 2007
will be blue and black.
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