[extropy-chat] A future fit to live in? (was: Robert Anton Wilson)

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Sat Jan 13 17:21:48 UTC 2007

Robert Bradbury Wrote:

> Though I would like to see what the future looks like I have yet to see a
> probable future I would actually like to live in

I can't say I agree with you, but there is no disputing matters of taste. I
am however curious about what disturbs you; I mean if you don't like the
newfangled ways you could always become the future equivalent of the Amish.
And whatever the future holds you must admit it won't be dull.

> how many cryonics suspendees would choose to be brought back into reality
> with a lion about to rip out their throat?

It seems unlikely to me that a society that has mastered nanotechnology and
the reanimation problem is unable to master the lion problem.

> How do you guarantee [.]

There are no guarantees in life, you can only play the odds.

  John K Clark

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