[extropy-chat] what is probability?

gts gts_2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 13 17:36:34 UTC 2007

--- Benjamin Goertzel <ben at goertzel.org> wrote:

>> The PI should be considered a handy rule of thumb,
>> a heuristic tool and nothing else.
> This agrees with my philosophy of probability.

This sets us at odds with the logical theorists, then.
That theory stands or falls on this question. 
> (And, of course, the use of "subjectivist" here is
> technical in the sense of "subjectivist vs.

Yes. I use it in an even more limited sense, in which
the subjective theory is one of several epistemic
theories, among them the logical theory (including
logical bayesianism) which I define as objective but
not in the physical sense of objective as in the
frequentist and propensity theories.

A key question here, at let me ask you what you think
on this, is that of whether two rational individuals
with the same background knowledge might be permitted
to hold different judgmental probabilities about the
same question. 

As I mentioned to Jef, I define a true subjectivist as
one who answers yes to that question. 


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