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>> If you think they can provide different outputs, then your thinking
>> is based on an assumption that (1) "rational" is different for
>> different agents, or (2) "input" is different for different
>> agents.  In either case, there's an assumption of something special
>> (something undefined) going on in the subjective processing of the agent,

> In the scenario I just described, I made none of the assumptions you list 
> above and yet the two rational agents arrived at different judgemental 
> probabilities.

When one identically rational agent chooses to use linear edge length, while the other agent chooses to use quadratic surface area, do you really think that different choice is made in the absence of different input information?

I'll ask you again, are you trying to argue, similar to the Qualia Debate, your belief that there is something significant but special that would cause two identical agents, in identical circumstances, to act differently?

- Jef

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