[extropy-chat] ExI profiled?

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 20:52:41 UTC 2007

Ok, this thread is becoming quite confused.  Spike does not live in Santa
Barbara and Natasha does not live in the south of France.  And though have
been to Santa Barbara, do not have references, but can clearly point to
references that I have been to the south of France... [1].  That is a
picture *I* took in Cannes in the or early '90s. (it was unanticipatedly
during the film festival but that is a different story...).

Spike's perspective is correct.  One should try to protect or limit the
uncontrolled use of ones "identity".  One should particularly limit this
with respect to ones offpspring (Daddy is daddy, Mommy is mommy) and one
should not hesitate to enforce those concepts.  (At the same time extropians
should ecourage free thinking should mommy and daddy prove limited.)

Your children are your children but they are not clones and they are
certainly not your property.  So parental rights should be determined by the
ability to benefit the child and not the parents.  (Parents in many cases
are lost causes -- those with extropic perspectives would realize this and
say "How to make the best of a bad situation?".)


1. http://www.aeiveos.com:8080/~bradbury/images/canne1.jpg<http://www.aeiveos.com:8080/%7Ebradbury/images/canne1.jpg>
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