[extropy-chat] frozen in fire

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sat Jan 20 22:31:43 UTC 2007

At 10:56 PM 1/20/2007 +0100, Anders wrote:

>Ah, kids are such ethical problems! Trolleys
>running down branching tracks, brains in jars and frozen embryos in
>burning IVF labs are so much more manageable!

That last one caught my attention. Is this a current ethicsbiz 
gedanken? How many frozen embryos would you need to "save" at the 
cost of your own life? Are you morally obliged to perish in the fire 
if you can throw out (to safety) no more than one poor shivering 
blastocyst, which probably won't implant successfully anyway given 
current tech? If not, how many do you need to save? I like this reductio.


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