[extropy-chat] Behavior and genetics

Alex Ramonsky alex at ramonsky.com
Sun Jan 21 07:46:28 UTC 2007

Check out "Synaptic Self" by Joseph LeDoux and google 'epigenetics'.

kevinfreels.com wrote:

> Can anyone here recommend material on the study of behavioral genetics 
> and the selection pressure for the human ability to quickly overcome 
> genetic behavior through conditioning? I had a thought that human 
> learning, achievement, fashion and social skills all stem from a neat 
> trick we picked up that allows us to adapt our behavior in the current 
> generation in response to our environment rather than waiting dozens 
> of generations for selection to work it's long process. Add a feedback 
> loop and you have a prescription for a species who's social structure 
> evolves faster than the physical structure. All of what we are may be 
> wrapped up in a minor adaptation that allows us to essentially 
> reprogram behavior on the fly. I thought I would spend some time 
> studying this, but I am finding it difficult to find material. Either 
> there just isn't much yet, or I am simply barking up the wrong tree.
> Kevin Freels
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