[extropy-chat] ethical issues with children

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 12:30:10 UTC 2007

I had books and some toys but I also had imagination and creativity.  I had
imaginary friends that lived in the closet of my bedroom who would come out
when nobody was around and play with me (I think they may have been based on
Disney or other cartoon characters).  But by far the greatest influences on
me were what my Dad had in the basement.  Dad was a collector -- his father
was a chemistry teacher so there were various chemicals around -- he was
into electronics so there was tons of old electronics equipment -- tools
galore and everything from old pinball machines (that sort of worked) to car
engines that didn't work until one fixed them (sort of).

Teach your children curiosity and give them the means to explore that.  The
phase space of biology alone (and all the parts that make it up) is huge and
will not be mastered soon.  The same is true for nanotechnology.

Spike, the next time you rebuild an engine have your son hand you the
tools.  The next time you go outside to look at a comet take him with you.
When someone in your hood throws out a PC or TV or Radio bring it home for
him to take apart.   Download nanoengineer-1 from Nanorex and let him learn
how to use it.  If "we" know matter will be as software (if you can think it
you can manifest it) then the key things are the imagining part and knowing
how to use the parts and tools which are available.  Ask questions that get
him thinking... How does the washing machine work?  Where does electricity
come from?  What does "cooking" do to the food?  Simple stuff to fuel the

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