[extropy-chat] ethical issues with children

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 21:13:10 UTC 2007

This is the best thread in ages....

I want to visit everyone and "play" with their children.  Not "that" way
(for those of you who have been watching too much prime time TV), in the way
I can "trim"-tab their minds.  Very very hard to do.  Though the new
awareness that Anders has a niece brings lots of thoughts to mind.  (No, no,
no, we can't let her grow up in that European "straitjacket")  (Of course
one must balance this in that he would have to visit stateside to spend some
time with my nephews.  Connor & Philip please say hello to Anders.  He is
from Sweden or more generally Europe where they have some very strange

The mind is trying to construct itself so it is seeking out new directions,
new frontiers, to boldly go (opps, no, that sounds like a commercial)... So
the mind is naturally going to explore the complete phase space (it knows
nothing that says "this" is the best vector).  Parents are tasked with
trying to get said mind to explore "useful" or at least "survival oriented"
phase space.  Extropic parents are tasked with getting said mind to explore
a productive phase space.  Indeed that might be a key distinction between
non-extropic and extropic parents -- is your child focused on "surviving" or
"producing"?  Obviously to be a good producer one has to survive but I would
argue that being adept at producing has distinct advantages over simply
surviving.  It is a delicate balance for parents to strike.  Enable
survival.  Promote productivity.

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