[extropy-chat] META: Re: what is probability?

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Mon Jan 22 08:10:07 UTC 2007

On Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 09:36:04PM -0500, gts wrote:

> I say this because I was participating in at least two other threads when  
> Eugen came along and somewhat capriciously nixed this one about  
> probability theory.

It wasn't capricious, in the sense that I'm complaint-driven. 
> There was in my opinion no good reason to shut it down. The discussion was  
> not inflamed; it was reasonable and civil and we were even starting to  
> have some fun with it (Jef's funny take-off on my Spock bit).  And as I've  
> already mentioned, there were at least to my way of thinking many  
> sub-topics in the philosophy of probability still waiting to be discussed  
> in more detail by those of us who might be interested (Popper's propensity  
> theory, for example, and the variations thereof, in addition to other  
> theories). Also there were newly opened questions still floating in the  
> thread at the time, for example an investigation into the algorithmic  
> theories of randomness and how they might affect the various  
> interpretations of probability theory, to me very interesting questions  
> worth pursuing but which I have been forced to take elsewhere. <grumble>

Hey, if more people want to participate in this thread I retract my
killthread, of course.

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