[extropy-chat] education in 2030

Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 00:14:52 UTC 2007

Don't wish to exaggerate the mediocrity of schools, it goes without saying many good schools, good teachers, school administrators, teachers' unions do exist. However not enough for the price. And, again, the students don't generally treat each other well.
  So the situation is at best fair. Scale of 1-10 would give it a 5.
  Too much blame is directed at teachers' unions, though they are indeed culpable. Parents should be more aware of schools but couples with more than one child are too harried to be held accountable; while teachers, their unions; administrators are directly accountable. 
  Sorry, believe it or not I don't enjoy being dissident, but it doesn't appear at this time (I'm conservative in the sense of going by the perceptions of today, not decades from today) that 2030 will be a time we know decent education, not in a large 'pluralistic' (read: contentious) nation such as America. One obvious reason schools aren't better is the fear that flunking out too many minority students will decrease social cohesion, a not invalid fear.
   At this time it seems optimism for the educational year 2030 is baseless.

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