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Sat Jan 27 19:02:19 UTC 2007


A fellow rider of a certain obscure antique motorcycle took the out of print
shop repair manual, the owners manual, a few magazine articles from the mid
80s, the recall notices, some original advertisements and sales brochures,
scanned them all (a few hundred valuable pages) added some text he generated
and some from our online group, put it all on a CD in the form of PDFs.  He
has been selling the CD for 22 bucks for the last several years.  Suzuki
doesn't mind a bit, since it is generating good will and parts sales as well
as providing rolling advertisement, the magazines that carried the articles
and ads over 20 years ago haven't complained, the bike owners are ecstatic,
and the guy who sells the CD is making a little money off the deal, but not
getting rich or anything, since there are only about 1000 of these bikes
still in service world wide.  Everyone wins.


Last week someone bought one of his CDs, made copies and is selling them on
eBay for fifteen bucks.  


This is an interesting sitch: the guy who compiled the CD is crying foul,
since he did the work (~80 to 100 hrs) of collecting, arranging and scanning
everything, as well as adding some original material.  But ~99% of the
material he scanned was copyrighted.  The copyright holders are either
silent or are blessing his efforts.  But he still scanned and sold
copyrighted material.  So now some other yahoo stole his stolen material and
is underselling him.


He contacted the online club asking us to pressure the reprehensible pirate
to remove the material from eBay forthwith, or to complain to eBay that
someone is selling copyrighted material.


IP gurus, what do we do now?








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