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You need to *seriously* be worried about encouraging me to give up on
I understand aging, I understand how to fix it and extend lifespan.  I have
significant questions about *why* one should bother to do so (propagating
stupidity is of questionable value).  [1]

Posting URLs pointing out how *stupid* or uninformed the average U.S.
citizen [2], particularly when they are misled [3], is causes me to debate
seriously whether jumping off a bridge or jumping into the SI camp (of
letting the damm "FAI" take over) might not be seriously better than the
alternate paths.

You run the risk of pointing out why the whole extropic effort is doomed.
Is that your goal?  If you make being "stupid" a low cost path then what one
ends up with is more stupidity.


1. I have been having discussions offlist with some about this.  What is the
point to saving collections of information which are destructive,
unproductive, or potentially will ultimately have to be deleted.  (There are
strategies by which they might be saved but one needs to come up with a good
reason for doing so.)
2. Which one would hope the "average U.S. citizen" is better educated than
the average human on the planet  -- at least they aren't murdering and/or
raping and/or eating each other as tends to be the case in Uganda, Sudan and
the Congo.
3. The commentator, no matter what his accent is is not the Australian Prime
Minister. See [4].  Or is your goal to point out how people in the U.S. will
believe any assertion by someone with a camera crew?
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