[extropy-chat] BOOK: Gerald Feinberg's "The Prometheus Project"

Ben Goertzel ben at goertzel.org
Mon Jan 29 00:29:24 UTC 2007

I read that book in the mid-70's and really enjoyed it (I was maybe  
10 at the time...)

I don't think it has much to add to the futurist discussion at this  
point though

As I recall, he articulated a set of possible scenarios for the  
future (including a Luddite/spiritualist scenario, and a techno- 
Singularitarian type scenario, and a couple others), and suggested  
that to decide between them we should educate the whole world  
regarding all the options and put the matter toward a vote.

A sort of "educated collective volition", one might say...

-- Ben G

On Jan 28, 2007, at 7:05 PM, Jay Dugger wrote:

> 18:02 Sunday, 28 January 2007
> Hello all:
> Anyone read this? I found it at a used book store in Winnipeg,
> Manitoba. It looks like an early (1968) proto-transhumanist book
> calling for foresight on the behalf of increasing human technological
> prowess.
> If not, I'll (eventually) read it and see. It might make another good
> data point for Anders's graphing project on transhumanist thinkers.
> -- 
> Jay Dugger
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