[extropy-chat] Coin Flip Paradox (was Randomness)

Jef Allbright jef at jefallbright.net
Mon Jan 29 05:53:29 UTC 2007

The Avantguardian wrote:

> By forcing the concept of a limit onto probability
> axiomatically in the definition discards a great deal
> of the information available to Bayesians. Invoking
> infinities where they are not observed in nature is
> sloppy and unnecessary.

Thank you for pointing out this important truth relevant to accuracy in
one's modeling of the universe.

Another important one is that no model involving observation can be
complete without the observer.

Both of these points are sadly lacking in much discussion of
"probability", which might be better understood as the uncertainty of a
necessarily subjective observer.

I could mention that it comes down to the importance of context, but I
won't since that seems to be counter-productive.

- Jef

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