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It may be possible that impurities in the test materials or water are what
makes the experiment irreproducible.

One would expect the more professional the lab the purer the ingredients so
the tighter tolerances on the materials could be preventing the reaction
from taking place.

Don't forget it only takes a small amount of impurities in substances to act
as a catalyst or alter their behavior at the atomic level.

Also the reaction may be probabilistic in the sense that the impurities
enabling the reaction are so dilute as to make the results occur for a very
short time and the impurities then may be rendered inert by the reaction

And then again if the government did discover this, and the potential for
misuse as a weapon was too great, do any of us doubt that they would do
their best to suppress the technology from prevent the research into from
being made credible.

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"Ben Goertzel" <ben at goertzel.org>

> Well, John, I hope you survive to the Singularity

Thanks, the same to you. Good luck, we'll need it.

> so that I can have  the pleasure of observing your reaction when you 
> are proved wrong

So we will have to wait until the Singularity happens to find out if cold
fusion is true, but the trouble is, by then nobody will give a hoot in hell
about it one way or the other. But it's strange, it really is strange that
scientists can detect the photons from stars 13 billion light years away but
they can't detect that heat. They can detect microwaves from the Big Bang
itself but they can't detect that heat. They can detect neutrinos that have
traveled through the entire Earth and even managed to weigh the ghostly
things but they can't detect that heat. They can detect a tiny shift in
orientation of a gyroscope caused by a incredibly subtle effect in General
Relativity called "frame dragging", a shift in angle the same as a human
hair as seen from a quarter of a mile away, but those same scientists just
aren't smart enough to detect that stupid idiotic heat. Meanwhile Joe Blow
the truck driver has easily detected the heat in his makeshift rig that cost
$400 that he cobbled together in his garage.


  John K Clark

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