[extropy-chat] transhumanism=doomsday cult b.s?

kevin.osborne kevin.osborne at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 07:45:55 UTC 2007

tell me if I'm wrong but:

- is transhumanism just another refuge for norm-rejecting
fringe-dwellers seeking yet another hippie/indie/alternative refuge
from their non-conformity?
- is it just another 'salvation' cult for ex-fundamental religious
nutjobs who've found that atheism, too, might provide them with
eternal life in the kingdom of (upload-)heaven?
- is all the 'existential risk' and 'friendly a.i' gibbering just yet
another doomsday cult squealing 'the end is nigh!' in their wearable
- is the brain-mod and bod-mod culture just yet another terminus for
the neurotic masses who buy 'self-help' and 'lose body fat!'
be-someone-better books?
- are we all being seduced by the new 'second coming' a.k.a 'the
singularity' where all the true believers will be saved and transcend
to eden?
- in a sub-culture that on the surface espouses rationalism, are we in
fact in danger of blindly drinking the fanboy kool-aid of a fantasy
future that may in fact be far beyond our means as a collective?
- are we simply feeding the coffers of 'faction' SF-writers and
providing unwarranted attention to run-of-the-mill nutjobs who just
happen to sell future shock as their 'chicken little' axe-to-grind?

feel free to go off like a firecracker, I'm clearly trolling. as a
wannabe-sceptic with a history of gulliblity I'm trying to sound out
some querulous(possibly pernicious) points that inquire as to the
nudity of our little extropian emperor...

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