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A B austriaaugust at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 9 13:43:01 UTC 2007

Sorry, I need to clarify. I realize that there are
various cell types *within* the macro-regions (eg.
glial cells, mirror neurons, etc.) But what I'm
interested to know is whether there is significant
(cellular) anatomical differences *between* the
macro-regions? For example, are the mirror neurons in
one macro-region significantly different from the
mirror neurons in a different macro-region? And if
not, then is it the "order of activation" if you will,
that accounts for the different functionalities?

Jeffrey Herrlich

--- A B <austriaaugust at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have a geeky question. Do the neurons of different
> major reasons of the brain differ significantly in
> physical structure? For example, do temporal lobe
> neurons have a significantly different cellular
> anatomy than neurons in the cerebellum? Or are the
> anatomies not significantly different? If I'm not
> mistaken, different regions are dominated by the
> activities of different neurotransmitters, but is
> that
> the only significant difference? Or are the various
> high-level functionalities (eg. vision, memory,
> motor-function) different and discrete precisely
> because of their *order* within the final
> meta-algorithm that is the complete mind?
> Jeffrey Herrlich
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