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Tue Jul 10 04:39:50 UTC 2007

I am looking on the internet for some nice free video and/or interactive resources for young minds. Specifically I am searching for animations which put things into perspective and show just how complex the cosmos is. For example, I saw a show on the Science channel once that showed how the Earth's orbit wobbles over time, and how the entire solar system wobbles through the galactic plane over time. I've also seen excellent representations of leaving the Earth and going outwards to the point where thousands of galaxies are simply points of light which keep shrinking. 

Other things I am after are things which do a good job putting time and numbers into perspective to help kids (and many adults I know) grasp the difference between 1000 years, 10,000, 100,000 and millions of years. 

Small perspectives are good as well. Anything that can help people to understand the smallness of atoms, the space between them, and what "nano" really means would be great. 

Anything that shows evolution as a process and allows interaction and random (or non-random) mutation through multiple generations would be neat too.

I would like to gather as many links to good material like this and put together a blog so it can all be found in one place. Any good.

If it is more acceptabel to email me offlist that's fine as well. 

Thanks in advance!

Kevin Freels
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