[ExI] Psi quantum observation experiment

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Tue Jul 10 06:48:38 UTC 2007

At 07:58 AM 7/10/2007 +0200, Serafino wrote:

>But let me quote a quantish theorist [1][2].
>'Scientists need to stop wasting time and resources
>on attempts to prove the already proven existence
>of psychic phenomena and concentrate more on
>determining how it works.'

Sadly, this quantish person says:

"As another example of how scientists tend to handle unwelcome data, 
let's look at the reaction to Schwartz's publication of The Afterlife 
Experiments. In my view, Schwartz' results are proof, beyond any 
reasonable doubt, of life after death."

I had the unhappy experience of ploughing with gritted teeth and 
rising gorge through Schwartz's appalling book. The more interesting 
parapsychologists I spoke to tended to reject his supposed scientific 
work (of that time), sometimes with disdain and even contempt, to my relief.

On the other hand, some of his quite recent attempts at triple blind 
mediumship does show some promise. It's all in the details.

Damien Broderick 

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