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The AP text:

Battle with Scientology sparks Schwarzenegger pardon request
The Associated Press
Article Launched: 07/07/2007 12:29:22 PM PDT

SACRAMENTO---A former Silicon Valley computer consultant whose 
decade-long fight with the Church of Scientology led to his ruin is 
asking Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to free him from a Riverside County jail.

Keith Henson's crusade against the church brought him a misdemeanor 
conviction for interfering with the rights of others to practice their 
religion. The 64-year-old Californian is now two months into a six-month 
jail sentence for the crime.

It is the latest development in a war that forced Henson into bankruptcy 
and prompted him to flee to Canada to ask for political asylum.

Henson's troubles began in the mid-1990s, when he was living in Palo 
Alto and happened upon an Internet page criticizing the church for 
operating more like a cult.

Henson published documents on the Internet detailing Scientology's 
approach to medical treatment. The church sued him for copyright 
infringement and won $75,000 in damages after a four-day trial in 1998.

The ruling forced Henson into bankruptcy. But he moved to Southern 
California and began picketing Scientology organizations. He was 
arrested outside a Scientology facility in Riverside County in July 2000 
and charged with making terrorist threats and interfering with religious 

He fled to Canada in 2001 and sought political asylum. When he was 
denied asylum in 2005, he returned to the United States and was arrested 
in February.

His wife and daughter drove two days from Arizona to Sacramento to 
present Schwarzenegger on Friday with a petition seeking a pardon or 

A Schwarzenegger spokesman wouldn't comment on the request.


Joseph Bloch wrote:
> There's a relatively brief story from the Saturday paper here:
> http://www.mercurynews.com/search/ci_6322465
> (I'm guessing the longer article from the Sunday paper will be available on
> the web tomorrow.)
> Joseph
> http://www.josephbloch.com
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>> There is a long article about Keith in today's San Jose Merky News.
> Unlike
>> his Palo Alto treatment, this one is relatively fair and balanced.  It is
>> about his efforts to get a pardon from Aaaahnold.  Lets hope for the best
> on
>> that.
>> spike

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