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Morris Johnson mfj.eav at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 00:55:24 UTC 2007

Hi Y'all:

I had plans to attend the Transvision 07 in Chicago, but  the unexpected
came  along and scooped those plans.

I am being drafted to be a candidate for the Saskatchewan , Canada
provincial constituency of  Estevan by the governing political party the New
So I better squirrel the cash and bank the time for the run up to an
expected October or November election.

So , perhaps the first extropian to if I can wildly speculate, to become
"Minister for the Bioeconomy"  might  become reality.

To be more subdued, this constituency is now not held by our governing party
so the battle is an uphill one.

The constituency is situated in a high intensity area of petroleum
development, has major power generating facilities, is on the main
Canada/USA road and rail transportation corridor.  A billion dollar coal
plant is due to be built with CO2 by products to be used to
solubilize heavy oil deposits in the area.  Saskatchewan has a major
bioproducts pre-commercialization initiative, but no significant ethanol. or
other bioproducts plants yet.

I suppose my published works detailing restructuring of education, health
care and developing a bioeconomy have moved the powers that be to seek me

We have discussed extropian visioning  and how this might interact with
politics in the past ...
So , I might be breaking all the rules of this list by suggesting this, but
I'd like to openly discuss this topic over the next few months  with the
view to receiving wise counsel, under the header " Minister responsible for
the Bioeconomy".

Once the nomination is complete and set in stone later this month, I will be
guided to attend numerous public and private
contituency functions so that I might find favor  key business and public
enterprise leaders who may then influence general voter

You may also send private communications off-list to cardse45.eav2 at gmail.com

Morris Johnson

Extropian Agroforestry Ventures  Inc.
306-47-4944, 701-240-9411
Mission: To Preserve, Protect and Enhance Lifespan
Plant-based Natural-health Bio-product Bio-pharmaceuticals
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