[ExI] Regulation vs. Freedom

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun Jul 15 17:45:59 UTC 2007

Spike writes

> Lee Corbin [wrote]
> > ...One woman acquaintance of mine insists not only that everyone in the
> > household recycle all plastic bottles, but that they all be *washed* before
> > being left for the recyclers. If you try pointing out to her that the
> > recycling machinery washes the containers anyway, and as new plastic items
> > are manufactured the plastic undergoes chemical cleansing processes...  Lee
> Lee you must point out to her that by washing the bottles, she is actually
> *wasting* water, which at least partially defeats the environmental
> advantages of recycling.

Ah, yet an even better argument!  But difficult as it is for a rational person
who doesn't happen to have this particular compulsion to "sacrifice for the
common good"  to understand what is really going on, we have to realize
that the entire effort is really just symbolic.  (I hate symbolism.)

> I am interested in what happens when the recycling promoters become aware
> that watering lawns actually saves water, or more precisely, recycles water.

Hmm.  Does it also help replenish the ground water used by wells?
I do get your point:  it's not like the water just disappears.

> If we pull water out of wells and the river, irrigate lawns and fill
> swimming pools, the water evaporates, then goes into the atmosphere to fall
> again, thus being recycled using nature's tools: sunlight and plants.  What
> do we tell the children, who have been indoctrinated that watering lawns
> hurts Mother Earth?

Hitler emphasized that the key ingredient of the Big Lie is that it be told
more and more often, and, if necessary, louder and louder.  In other
words, just step up the indoctrination in those areas where contrary
memes may accidently drift within range of the children.


P.S.  I really am not trying to set a new record for the illustration of
Godwin's Law here.  But if Guiness really is interested, it's "Lee Corbin,
Santa Clara, California, 408-261-1584, lcorbin at rawbw.com".

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