[ExI] Bad Epistemology?

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Mon Jul 16 03:19:24 UTC 2007

At 07:43 PM 7/15/2007 -0700, Lee Corbin wrote:

>First, let me lay out how I, as a loyal, reverent, and steadfast
>realist, understand the world

Welcome, brother and comrade.

>    Theories and
>     ideas and other patterns exist really and Platonically
>     whether or not people, or cameras, or quarks, or space,
>     or time, or any other things happen to exist

Aargh! Aargh! Avast, ye devil!

>If you are a realist, does anything I've said in 1 - 4 set off any
>warning bells?


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