[ExI] Bad Epistemology?

scerir scerir at libero.it
Mon Jul 16 07:30:35 UTC 2007

> 1. There is a real world "out there" 
> composed of all manner of real things. [...]
> 2. These real things *affect* each other, 
> even though they're really all comprised solely 
> of quantum fields according to our best 
> and awesome and outstanding theories. [...]

If you have some spare time, give a look to
relational vs. realist interpretation.

Mermin's ('Ithaca') interpretation.
The following are *very good* papers ...

It is well possible that physics is about
correlations, and only correlations, as Mermin
is saying. See also Rovelli's ('Relational') 
famous interpretation ...

That (imo) is a bit different from saying that 
*only correlations* are physically real, 
and *values* of quantities being correlated 
are not. 

In fact Mermin has realized the huge problem 
of two observers measuring, at the same time, 
the same quantum system.


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