[ExI] A Cyborg or a transhuman ?

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> Can anyone answer the million dollar question:
> What is the difference between a cyborg and a transhum?

Cyborgs combine non-biological elements with their biological selves.
Transhumans (or, perhaps more properly, posthumans) could eliminate the need
for a biological component altogether. 

Strictly speaking, cyborgs do not need to exceed human norms. As Frank
Forman rightly points out, a cochlear implant counts as a "cyborgization",
and yet it does not (yet, anyway) provide hearing in a range and
sophistication superior to normal human hearing. By definition, transhumans
and posthumans seek or have succeeded in overcoming human limitations. 

Also, it is entirely possible that transhuman or posthuman status could be
accomplished by genetic engineering or even pharmacological intervention,
bypassing the need for non-biological enhancements altogether. 

I would say that it's possible but by no means required, for cyborgs to be
transhumans and vice versa. 


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