[ExI] "Up against the warming zealots"...hmmm

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Mon Jul 23 08:09:09 UTC 2007

Emlyn wrote:
> Is anyone else as confused about Global Warming as I am? I can't get a
> clear idea of whether it is real or not, and if so, whether it is
> caused by human CO2 emissions or not. It's clearly important to get
> this right, because
> - if it's not real, we shouldn't be doing all this carbon emission handwringing
> - if it is real and human caused, lowering carbon emissions is a good idea
> - if it is real and not human caused, we still have a very scary
> period ahead in which we need to do something else entirely to cope
> with future rising sea levels and temperature increases.
I have seen no good reason to doubt global warming is real. I have seen 
no good reason to doubt that human activities are strongly contributing 
to global warming. I don't see why this is complicated.

- samantha

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