[ExI] "Up against the warming zealots"...hmmm

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We have not had this bad summer weather in 150 years (south Norway). I was
hoping global warming would give us hotter and better climate, but boy was I
 it’s the end of July and I’m FREEZING ON MY LEGS in my own apartment.
And I’m fully dressed!


Time to migrate somewhere else


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The Earth is getting warmer. This is good for some things - bad for others.
The biggest fear is CHANGE. But the stability that we imagine isn't real in
the first place. The main concern with the warming itself is whether we can
manage to maintain our way of life if the world were to have a dramatic
increase or decrease in temperature in a short period of time. I have no
doubt that we could learn to deal with nearly any result of global warming,
but the cost is a different issue. If it were severe enough it would set
back technological development in many areas such as life extension while
money is poured into simple survival. This in itself couold possibly have
some benefits as well though. 


Whether or not it is caused by human emissions really doesn't matter.
Spewing millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere as we burn fossil
fuels can't be good and will only occur until the fossil fuels run out. So
regardless of global warming, we need to get off of the fossil fuel
dependency. Renewable energy sources which produce carbon emissions are a
limited short-term solution as they trap carbon as they grow, but release it
again when it burns. It's still better than digging up carbon that has been
sequestered for millions of years. 


So I wouldn't worry too much about global warming. But I would just try to
be aware no to make that and other problems worse by being irresponsible and
wasteful. Not only does this help the world, it will help your own
pocket-book. Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle, use energy efficient
appliances, and simply use what energy is needed to get the job done and no
more. And support research into other solutions if you have the extra cash
left from the energy you saved. 





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On 7/23/07, Emlyn <emlynoregan at gmail.com
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> Is anyone else as confused about Global Warming as I am? I can't get a
> clear idea of whether it is real or not, and if so, whether it is
> caused by human CO2 emissions or not. It's clearly important to get
> this right, because
> - if it's not real, we shouldn't be doing all this carbon emission
> - if it is real and human caused, lowering carbon emissions is a
good idea
> - if it is real and not human caused, we still have a very scary
> period ahead in which we need to do something else entirely to cope
> with future rising sea levels and temperature increases.
> Emlyn
Your message has prompted me to go out looking for some literature and
resources, and so the following is what I have found. The Wikipedia
article is the most helpful, actually, with 150~ references, and
supposedly a good overview of what's going on- I imagine that lots of
political activists are very set on keeping their claims on the wiki
pages, since it's such a "hot" topic.
http://people.ccmr.cornell.edu/~plh2/group/glblwarm/GLBLWARM.HTM (1996)
http://www.epl.org/library/bibliographies/planet-care.html ("planet
care" ?)
- Bryan
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