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> <http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,22105154-30417,00.html>
> Martin Durkin says his British documentary rejecting the idea of
> human-caused global warming has survived last week's roasting by the
> ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]| July 21, 2007

Well he would, wouldn't he..?

Let's see what people have said about his mockumentaries in the past:

"In 1997, Channel 4 broadcast Durkin's documentary series - Against
Nature which criticized the environmental movement for being a threat
to personal freedom and for crippling economic development.
However the Commission also concluded that Durkin had misled his
interviewees about the nature and purpose of the documentary, and that
he had misrepresented and distorted their views by editing the
interview footage in a misleading way. For these reasons, Channel 4
later issued a public apology on prime time TV."

"Subsequent television documentaries by Durkin aired as Equinox
programs which include a 1998 documentary entitled "Storm in a D-Cup"
which argued that silicone breast implants were in fact beneficial to
a woman's health; another Equinox program called Modified Truth: The
Rise and Fall of GM, and The Great Global Warming Swindle. The 1998
documentary on breast implants was shown on Channel 4 only after it
had been rejected for broadcast by the BBC whose in-house researcher
concluded that Durkin had ignored a large body of evidence
contradicting his claims in the program.
Criticising the program, George Monbiot wrote "Neither Martin Durkin
nor, extraordinarily, Charles Furneaux, the commissioning editor of
the science series Equinox, has a science background. They don't need
one, for science on Channel 4 has been reduced to a crude manifesto
for corporate libertarianism."

Viz 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'

"The overwhelming majority of the scientific community was highly
critical of the film. It was compared more to a work of propaganda
than a work of a science, mainly for it's selective use of data that
contribute to the arguments shown and discarding all those that do
not. All the alleged arguments for global warming presented in the
film can be countered (or even debunked) by scientific data that has
been left out of the film."

Carl Wunsch said "I'm somewhat troubled that TV companies around the
world are treating it as though this were a science documentary. It's
not. It's a tendentious political propaganda piece... It's not a
science film at all. It's a political statement."

He called the film "grossly distorted" and "as close to pure
propaganda as anything since World War Two."

Ad infinitum..


> WHEN I agreed to make The Great Global Warming Swindle, I was warned
> a middle-class fatwa would be placed on my head.

He's been making these half-arsed films for years, he didn't need
anyone to tell him what the reaction would be.

> Then there's the ice-core data, the jewel in the crown of global
> warming theory. It shows there's a connection between carbon dioxide
> and temperature: see Al Gore's movie. But what Gore forgets to
> mention is that the connection is the wrong way around; temperature
> leads, CO2 follows.

No it's a feedback loop. CO2 leads to slight temperature rise, which
releases a huge amount of CO2 from the ocean which leads to even
greater temperature rises, etc, etc..

> The whole damned theory is in tatters. No wonder they're defensive.

It's actually Durkin's reputation that is in tatters. The scientific
consensus is consolidating on the theory &now that the mainstream
consider it a problem,  the science is moving on to find solutions.

> The man-made global warming parade, on one level, has been a
> phenomenal success. There isn't a political party or important public
> body or large corporation that doesn't feel compelled to pay lip
> service. There are scientists and journalists (a surprising number)
> who have built careers championing the cause. There's more money
> going into global warming research than there is chasing a cure for
> cancer. Many important people and institutions have staked their
> reputations on it. There's a lot riding on this theory.

Funny, a lot of people think that political lobby group the 'Institute
of Ideas' aka Living Marxism group aka the Revolutionary Communist
Party have a lot riding on the conspiracy theories espoused by
Durkin's films. Laughed out of the UK they're evidently now selling
their 'product' to the colonies..


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