[ExI] State of California supporting Bussard fusion research?

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Wed Jul 25 06:58:58 UTC 2007

This is precisely the essence. If we need one thing right now to make sure
a few billion people don't die, it's cheap energy. Without cheap energy, any
borderline fascist states such as the US will go look for it, and invade any
country they feel they can get away with invading. Russia, China and other
countries may follow that lead in the next 20 years, barring any miraculous
AI/nanotech/robotics/cannabis -based massive breakthroughs.

If energy-deficiency stays the unifying factor enter viking style

Cheap fusion would be the answer. I have no qualms about christening the
Bussard-based fusion reactor that's opened in, say, 10 years the honorary
President A. Schwarzennegger reactor, because if he can pull this miracle
energy source out of his chrome steel chest and hurl it into the desert to
light the way, i'll fall on my knees in worship. He will have saved billions

Unfortunately research, development and building of such an unprecedented
device would take several decades outside the studios of Hollywood. But at
least there *are* politicians that know roughly in what direction we
*should* be
headed to not fall off a cliff.
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