[ExI] State of California supporting Bussard fusion research?

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Thu Jul 26 08:43:47 UTC 2007

Again a hypothetical question:

"Some people" on and off this list seem to have to atrbitrarily
attribute government/scientific bureauracies (specifically anything
within a lightsecond distance of NASA) with a tendency to waste
a sizeable percentage of their budgets with irrelevancies:

Often mentioned are:
- intentional cost overruns to adjust next years budget
- old, depraved scientists who produce nothing yet play pacman
with government subsidies
- ineffcient bureaucracies
- middle management

If anyone ascribes to this analysis, what can you do about it? Better
still, how can you expose it, incontrovertibly, to the world? If this is
such a distinct, predictable and unavoidable phenomenon, I mean,
it should be a pustule waiting to be squeezed, right? I mean IF we can
attribute 50 years of failure in real fusion-energy breakthroughs on any
combination of the above then some people should go to prison !

...unless it simply isn't true and the whole argument serves as some
blank dismissal of a lack of results to the alleged incompetence. I'd
say let's make this claim falsifiable. Let's create some solid evidence
for or against, instead of rehashing the same accusation over and over
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